Presenting the `delicious' India

SO FAR Maduraites would have only enjoyed food fest featuring a particular dish. But, the on-going food fiesta — Flavours of India — at the Ahaaram restaurant in Park Inn Madurai, during weekends provides all cuisines of the sub-continent under one roof — nay, on one table.

"Our hotel is always known for its unique activities. One such is this fiesta", explains Mr. Shankar Dutta, Food & Beverages (F&B) Manager, Park Inn Madurai.

The fiesta commenced on July 28 and will be on till Aug 15.

Most of the days it is a full house and this stands a testimony to the fact that the fiesta is a hit among the hotel's customers. "We do a minimum of 65 per cent business every week. Another unique thing, which I noted, is that customers turn up as early by 7.15 p.m. or 7.30 p.m., while the general dine time in Madurai is 8.30 p.m.", says Mr Dutta.

To begin with the jalmoodiwallah, dressed in the traditional Bengali attire, serves you the jaljeera and the menu follows.

Among the priority of customers, Gopi, chef of the Aaharam, says, "there is no such item. But, tandoori chicken seems to be like by many, besides the native dishes".

"Another speciality of this fiesta is that at least one dish from every cuisine is served on a particular day. The menu differs from one day to the other", says Gopi.

Ruling out the extension of the fest, Mr Dutta opines, "for anything which is special there should always be a time-limit. Otherwise, the liveliness will go".

All these are offered at a cost of Rs.175 net and customers can also book their table in advance. "But the table will be held over only for 15 minutes from the time preferred by the customer", he says.

Pictures of important places of India are also displayed in the restaurant to treat the connoisseurs with a visual flavour of the sub-continent.

So, folks, whether you want the soft idlies of Kancheepuram or the spicy chicken of the Kashmiri cuisine, barge into Ahaaram and relish your favourite dish of any Indian cuisine.