Popup blockers

YOU WANT some confirmation on the information you have - urgent. Period. There is a deadline to meet. You logged on to the Net but the downloading speed is pretty slow.

The site you wanted to go to is taking ages to open.

Before you could have a look at your destination site, there pops up another window distracting you completely. You cannot close it as the tool to close is hidden somewhere. Irritating to the core!

Many people hate it when a new window pops up as soon as they enter a site! There are some sites, which pop up even three windows.

Even worse is the site, which does not only pop up a window upon entering the site — it pops up a window (or more) on every page! These popup windows are annoying and eat up your bandwidth. There is a variety of tools that allows you to eliminate and/or manage browser popup advertising windows. Here are some of the utilities to stop popup and other types of advertising.

Explorer and Netscape, as well as Opera web browsers. It is very easy to install Google Toolbar and the utility is absolutely free. The user can not only search the Net using the toolbar but also block the popups. The toolbar displays the number of popups blocked during that particular session. There are so many popup blockers in the market that finding the right popup blocker may be time-consuming.

The reviews will hopefully save your time by giving you a consolidated list of the top popup blockers in the market complete with ratings and prices. The magazine reviews eight applications that promise to remove the popup windows and ads that pop up while surfing.


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