Popping pop stars

Popstars Band (L-R) Jimmy, Neeti, Vasudha and Sangeet in New Delhi. Photo: R.V. Moorthy.

Popstars Band (L-R) Jimmy, Neeti, Vasudha and Sangeet in New Delhi. Photo: R.V. Moorthy.  

COME NEXT month and yet another pop band adds up to the swell of Indi-pop gangs. Still to be named, the group, till now called Popstars-2, is mothered by Channel V after the all-girl band Viva. With two girls and two boys, this time it is a mixed band.

In Delhi this past week as part of their four-city "introductory tour" before hitting the Channel V screen and cutting their debut album, `Tumse Hi Pyar', Popstars-2 crooned bits of two songs from their album for the media. One would rate them as having the potential.

But, banking on their talent with loads of excitement is the Channel V's Creative Director and Head of Programming, Amar Deb. "Many complain that lack of a platform has stopped them from showing to the world what they have. So, here is a platform and they can showcase their talent." Deb says the four names have floated out of a "transparent contest" judged by Euphoria vocalist Palash Sen, singer Mehnaaz and VJ Purab. For two months, the band had undergone grooming sessions under the guidance of dancer Rama Vaidyanathan, Bhavdeep Jaipurwala, Terence Lewis, Rocky S, Micky Mehta and Chaya Mohan. But whether they are worth the effort would be decided on October 11 when the band would have its maiden concert in Mumbai.

However, the First City angle of interest lies with the two girls of the band - Neeti Mohan and Vasudha Sharma - both Delhiites. While Neeti graduated from Miranda House, Vasudha is a Hindu College product. Between the boys, Sangeet Haldipur, a St. Xavier alumnus, has a musical background of greater expanse and has performed with recognised artists like Louis Banks, Suneeta Rao, Anaida and Sudesh Bhosle.

But the real small-town-dream-come-true guy is Jimmy Felix. Hailing from Jaipur, he till now, had been the lead guitarist and vocalist for the pop band `Rapture Wings'. An ardent fan of Remo Fernandes, Shaan and Bryan Adams, this 25-year-old also runs two computer institutes in Jaipur. No wonder then, this familiar face of his city "got good cheers" when they went to Jaipur before Delhi.

Band Manager Yohan Aguiar says they already are getting "lots of offers" which he has not given much weight upon till the Mumbai concert and formal launch of the album happens.

The band's next stop is Bangalore and then back to Mumbai and yet more of training and final shaping up.

Yohan says, those who do not want to wait till the concert "can get on to Channel V end of this month to have a look at them".

Let's see how deep the water turns out to be for them and how well they swim it.


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