Poetry in pottery

Who said kitchen is the only arena for the housewives to prove their creativity. Give Rathnamala, Vanita and Suja a couple of brushes and some paint, and they would give a new look and meaning to simple rustic pots.

The three are accomplished painters and with the idea of doing something meaningful in their spare time they let their imagination fly on the pots they had picked up from roadside stalls. And now to showcase their talent they are putting up an exhibition on Monday in the cellar of Vijaya Apartments in Kirlampudi Layout.

The trio has painted over 80 pots of different sizes and shapes for the show within a span of one month. They have used different mediums, right from fabric paint to oil and from glossy to matt finish.

Poetry in pottery

Apart from pot painting they also create artificial flowers out of cloth and paper to give a wholesome look to their creation. "The pots can be used as flower vases or as simple showpiece in the living room," says Rathnamala.

A unique part of their creation is the diversity of the paintings. No two pots have similar designs unless they are part of a pair. Right from myriad forms of Ganesha to different species of flowers and from desert belles to landscapes they have put everything that had crossed their minds.

They say it is only the beginning for them. So let's watch out for the trio.

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