Paneer platter

PANEER IS the ubiquitous item in many an Indian cuisine. This protein - rich cottage cheese can be used for the starters, snacks and main dishes. Here are some interesting recipes for you to try out.

Paneer shikanja


Paneer slices - 2 (60 gms each) Coating for paneer: Gram flour - 30 gms Turmeric powder - 10 gms Yellow chilli powder (or, turmeric and chilli powder) - 10 gms Salt to taste For paneer stuffing: Green moong paste - 20 gms Double beans paste - 20gms Ginger garlic paste -10 gms Garam masala powder - 5 gms Oil - for saut�ing Onions, chopped - 20 gms Green chilli, chopped - 10 gms Salt - to taste

Method: Prepare the mixture for paneer stuffing by heating oil and adding ginger garlic paste, onions, green chilli. Saut� them well and add the lentil paste and mix well. Put it aside after seasoning. Meanwhile, heat the griller on coal.Slit the paneeer and fill it with the stuffing. Prepare the coating mixture. Dip the paneer in the batter and place it in between the griller. After it is grilled, remove and serve hot. Dudhiya kabab


Grated paneer - 120 gms White pepper powder - 5 gms Elaichi powder - of 2 cardamoms Salt - to taste For stuffing: Mango pickle, finely chopped - 5 gms Ginger pickle, finely chopped - 5 gm Garlic pickle, finely chopped - 5 gm Onions, finely chopped - 10 gms Green chillies, finely chopped - 5 gms Salt - 5 gm Coriander, choppede - 5 gm Chaat masala powder - 5 gm Corn floor - 10 Ghee for tawa fry - 10 ml

Method:Mix all the ingredients for stuffing together and keep aside.

Add grated paneer to it along with white pepper powder, cardamom powder and salt and mix. Pat them into small patties and fill it with the stuffing and dust it with corn flour.

Heat a tawa and put some ghee, into which fry these patties on both sides.

Serve hot.

Tawa chainey paneer


Cut paneer into heart shapes , with a slit in between - 8 pieces (15 x 300 gms) Batter to coat paneer Shahi jeera, whole - 10 gms Besan (gram flour) - 40 gms Turmeric powder - 10 gms Yellow chilli powder - 5 gms Salt - to taste For stuffing:

Thick mint and coriander

chutney - 30 ml Method: Fill the stuffing of mint and coriander chutney in heart shape paneer. Prepare batter, add stuffed paneer to it, deep fry and serve hot. Paneer seekh in puff


Puff dough mixture - 100 gms Method to make puff dough: Mix together 100 gms of refined flour, salt, 100 gms of butter, few drops of lemon juice and blend it with 60 ml of ice cold water. Flatten it with a rolling pin, apply butter leaving one inch from the side. Fold it like a book and refrigerate for a while. Flatten it again and apply butter. Refrigerate for 6 to 8 hours. For paneer seekh: Grated cottage cheese - 200 gms Corn flour - 20 gms Green chillies, chopped - 10 gms Fresh coriander, chopped - 10 gms Onions, chopped - 30 gms Mustard paste - 5 gms Garam masala powder - 5 gms Salt - to taste Chaat masala - 5 gms Capsicum, chopped - 20 gms For paneer seekh stuffing: Amul cheese jullians - 30 gms

Green chilli jullians

(deseeded) - 10 gms

Method: Mix paneer seekh ingredients together, arrange on skewers and cook in tandoor. Remove from the skewer and keep aside. Roll puff dough mixture and cut into small strips. Cut paneer seekhs into small even size, and stuff cheese jullian and green chilli inside. Cover each paneer seekh with puff dough, arrange on a tray and bake for 15 to 20 minutes. Serve hot with mint chutney.


The writer is the Executive Chef at ITC Kakatiya Sheraton & Towers

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