Orthodoxy versus extremism

A subtle interface of two different ideologies and tradition and the influence of money over them is the main theme of the NFDC produced Telugu film `Tiladaanam'. The film is directed by noted film critic and mediaperson K.N.T. Sastry.

It was screened by the newly formed Vizag Film Society on Sunday at the VUDA Children's theatre, after a foreword form the director himself.

`Tiladaanam', which received the National Award in the best feature film category and was highly appreciated at the Hungarian and Chinese film festivals, has a number of layers. On the face of it, it is a story of a Brahmin household where the younger generation is set to think in terms of rebelling against orthodoxy and the helplessness of the woman in the house. But deeper probe will reveal how money or lack of it can drive people to take extreme steps.

Sastry has been able to strike the right balance in his first film. A few intense sequences between the terrorist son who believes only in his leftist ideology and the traditional Vedic pundit father are striking. The director has been able to bring out the character of Padma, a typical docile Indian housewife, caught in a state of flux with poverty on one side and the outlawed husband and the traditional caring father-in-law on the other side to near perfection. Jayasheel in the role could deliver the required expression and feelings though at times she looked a bit too glamorous.

H.G. Dattatreya excelled in the role of Subbaiah Sastry, the father of Raghuram, the extremist son, that was played by Brahmaji.

With this as the beginning, the society vowed to screen award-winning National and International films including documentaries on a regular basis. The screening was preceded by a keynote address and a brief introduction of the director by its vice-president, P. Bobby Vardhan. The society president, T. Venugopal Rao, welcomed the gathering. The screening was followed by an open house session between the audience and the director.


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