On a sweet note

Can you let me know how to make Pineapple Rawa Kesari and Kaddu ka Halwa?



Ingredients: Pineapple cubes -100 gms, suji rawa - 250 gms, sugar - 200 gms, ghee - 200 gms, cardamom powder -10 gms, saffron - half a gm, hot water - 1 litre.

Method: Dry roast the suji rawa on a griddle till light brown. Add ghee, sugar, and mix in the hot water. Add pineapple cubes. Put saffron, soaked in little warm milk and sprinkle cardamom powder. Arrange on a tray and let it set.

Ingredients: Kaddu - 500 Gms, ghee - 300 Gms, sugar - 300 Gms, milk - 300 ml, cardamom powder - 3 Gms, cashew nuts for garnish.

Method: Peel and grate kaddu and boil it in water. Strain and keep it aside. Boil milk in a kadhai and add boiled kaddu to it. Cook for some time till it thickens. Add sugar and cook for some more time. Mix in cardamom powder, and garnish with cashew nuts.

Simply Chinese

Can you tell me how to prepare chicken fried rice and vegetable fried rice?

Mahmood Ghori

Santoshnagar colony

On a sweet note

Ingredients: Basmati rice (boiled) - 200 gms, carrots brunoise (boiled) - 10 gms, beans brunoise (boiled) - 10 gms, spring onions - 10 gms, salt to taste, white pepper powder - 5 gms, ajinomoto - 2 gms, refined oil - 10 ml, soya sauce - 5 ml.

Method: Heat wok and pour a little oil in it. Drain out excess oil and add boiled carrot and beans. Saut� for some time. Then, add rice to it and season saut� over light flame, continuously stirring it. Add chopped spring onion and saut�. Serve hot.

For this dish, in addition to vegetables, add boiled and shredded chicken breast and one whole egg. Heat wok and add oil to it.

Then, add the whole egg and scramble cook it. Now, follow the same procedure as vegetable fried rice.

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By Pradeep Khosla

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