Officials tight-lipped

EVERY TIME an accident takes place, especially in a public sector unit, everyone claims to be busy. And media persons suddenly become `unwanted'. When authentic information does not come out and there is panic everywhere, the officials choose to remain silent.

It happened in the past when there was a blast in BDL, an accident at NFC and yet another blast this time in a private firm, IDL. Hence, it was no surprise when the BHEL officials too decided to stay tight-lipped about the blast on Monday night that claimed two lives.

This incident revealed once again, the utter callousness of the officials. Almost 36 hours after the blast, newspapers received a fax message from the BHEL management in what was the only official communication. It showed an utter disregard for the lives of the people. The release only acknowledged that "two employees had died in an explosion and that the reason was yet to be ascertained". Is this how we treat the poor workers?