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Born on November 19, 1917, she never knew that she is going to write a whole new chapter in the history of independent India. That she would become the first woman Prime Minister of India and the most talked about at that. The list of books written about the lady in context, Indira Gandhi, is numerous, each one providing to the readers something extra about her to explore. But all of them fortunately or unfortunately have been written in English and none in the national language, Hindi. To fill this gap, Shubhi publications has just come up with a Hindi version of Uma Vasudev's tome, Indira Gandhi, Courage Under Fire, called Krantija. The aim of the authors - Kamal Kishore Misra and Anand Kumar Pathak - "is to make it comprehensible for each one in this country and to have the book about this powerful woman in the country's national language, Hindi." The book, recently released by Karan Singh, President, Indian Council For Cultural Affairs, is not a fat tome but gives an insight into the life and experiences of the ace leader. Karan Singh, while releasing the book the other day, said, "It was through the `Letters to Indira' that he first came to know about her."I met her during breakfasts with Nehruji and his family where Indira played the role of the hostess. But behind the meticulous domestic duties, she had a hidden sharp and shrewd mind. When her father's health failed, she was the politician who really emerged as a true statesperson," he told the assembled crowd. "There are many who think that she was firm but her soft corner was discovered by very few. She was inclined towards wildlife, environment, art and culture," added Gandhi's former cabinet colleague. Also present on the occasion was Congress leader Vasant Sathe.

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