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HOPING TO add spice to their lives by being part of yet another city with a rich culture, friendly people and a completely different way of life, Patel and Abha moved to Vijayawada only last year.

Apparently happy with the discovery of the several new facets of this city which is close to a metropolitan, the couple is eager to explore newer areas to satiate their ever-growing curiosity.

As the Deputy General Manager for Andhra Bank, Patel, along with his family, had the opportunity to try the variety that is India.

The family started its journey from Calcutta experiencing the colours and tastes and drawing the diverse definitions of life during their stay at Delhi, Bombay, Patna, Agra and many other north Indian towns and cities.

The City of Joy

Patel was a proud citizen of the City of Joy-Calcutta and Abha spent her childhood in the Dark Continent of Africa and later, moved to Surat. Though basically Gujaratis, the couple can relate themselves to almost any State where they had resided.

"We are lucky enough to have had the opportunity to explore the understated specialties which make a State unique," says Patel.

Abha's experiences in Africa are still fresh in her mind. She remembers Tanzania as a Muslim-dominated country and can even manage to speak Swahili.

"The camps and the train journeys through the thick forests of Africa with rich flora and fauna keep coming back to my mind," she recalls.

Having spent most part of his youthful days in Calcutta, Patel gets nostalgic about the rasgullas and junk food, the music schools, the soothing poetry of Rabindranath Tagore and the likes that makes the city exceptional. Savouring sweet corn soup, hariyali kebab, murg nawaabi with butter nans and rotis, the couple shared the best of moments in their life so far.

Artiste son

Their son, Srigdhar, is an eager beaver who is doing his MBA in Pune after scoring a high percentage in the Common Entrance Test.

"Calcutta has given him a wonderful hobby of playing guitar which helps him relax besides enhancing his concentration power," says Abha who is the driving force behind his success.

A painter in addition to being a serious reader of newspapers, Abha also enjoys detective novels. Agatha Christie, in particular, is her favourite.

She also keeps herself busy by organising exhibitions of Gujarati handicraft, occasionally.

Moved by the pathetic condition of the farmers in villages of Krishna district, Patel is eager to extend assistance to them through his bank.

He insists on personal interaction with the distressed community, the language barrier notwithstanding.

Since his job demands a lot of his time, he likes to relax himself by travelling and had been to places like Switzerland, France and the UK. Festivals are a time to have a blast and he loves to participate in dandiya.

The couple is happy about the modernisation of Vijayawada. They believe that the city will always retain its traditional sheen even while expanding its horizons.

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