No copycat this copywriter...

RECALL AAMIR Khan in "Thanda matlab Coca-Cola" advertisement in which he woos thirsty girls offering them `thanda' in typical Punjabi style and wins them over? And don't lashing rains, remind you of Shubha Mudgal's "Ab Ke Sawan"? While the songs "Ghustakhian hain" from film "Aankhen" is already a hit on the dance circuit. Know the man behind it all? None other than young and energetic Prasoon Joshi, the advertisement industry's most awarded copy writer who has in his kitty more than 150 national and international awards for advertisement films, songs, jingles, campaigns and a lot more.

A master of business administration, Prasoon who is currently the National Director of McCann Erikson, is also the only Indian advertising representative to be invited to judge the London International - LIA in 2001.

Besides doing the famous Voluntary Disclosure of Income Tax Scheme -- VDIS -- a couple of years ago that not only earned the Government thousands of crores of rupees but also poured awards into his kitty. Similarly successful was his Pulse Polio campaign more for its sensitivity and strong appeal.

"Be it masses or classes, basic emotions remain the same, only the frame of reference changes. To touch people's raw nerve, I keep the approach sensitive," Prasoon lets his secret of success out.

That is why the Kelvinator refrigerator advertisement in which a disciple concentrates on learning music from his guru only when the refrigerator opens and let cool winds pass by him, was a big hit. So was the Nokia campaign.

But Prasoon agrees that if a star endorses a product, popularity comes fast. "I don't mind if a star endorses a product as far as he is not taken as a crutch. It also does not reflect the incapability of an idea." But he makes sure that he does not "tailor-make the role keeping the star in mind but the brand only."

Already an author "Main Aur Voh", a book of thoughts that he wrote when he was 17, a collection of poems called "Dard So Raha Hai" and "Samadhan", a prose introspective, Prasoon is now working on poetry about relationship and might come out with an album of his own songs. And yes, for you to know, he also a trained under Ustad Hafeez Ahmad Khan of Rampur Gharana, though you would hear his songs only in jingles and Asian Paints advertisement campaigns.

For those wanting to enter the world of catchlines and deadlines, Prasoon tips: "Always observe beyond surface, the sensitivity, psyche, influences, changing taste of consumer and for technical part, join advertisement agency and observe their strategy."