Never lose heart!

Hope is what happens when you're poor but not broken

There's a goldmine of dreams — just not yet awoken.

HAVE YOU ever lost your job, lost money on a business deal or lost your wallet? May be you've even been burgled or robbed. At times like these, it's doubly important to not be robbed of the most important asset you have... your self-esteem and belief in yourself to renew those replenishable resources. At times like these, it's not easy to pick yourself up and start again but try to remember that you're not the only person who's fallen on tough times and you won't be the last.

A long time ago, a so-called friend swindled me and a number of other friends out of a large amount of money in an unethical investment scheme. We should have known better but it sounded too good to be true and that's when I learned the lesson that if a financial deal sounds too good to be true... it likely isn't true!

I was admittedly angry to have been cheated whenever I thought about it, so I tried not to think about it. After a few years, I almost recovered financially and emotionally but when burglars broke into my home, the anger resurged at losing my material possessions again, for which I'd worked so hard. But, a lovely neighbour consoled me.... ``Well, at least, they didn't hit you over the head for the goods.'' It's funny how that simple sentence put things in perspective for me.

It was only then that I recalled my father had been swindled when he sold the business he had worked so hard for years to build up, when the buyer defaulted on payment after occupying the premises. I was just a child and don't recall the details, but vividly remember my mother being annoyed that my father wouldn't take legal action against the perpetrator. But, all Dad said was: ``God must have thought the other fellow needed the money more than we did.... and somehow, we'll survive.''

I've never been as charitable or philosophical as my father but as I grow older, I increasingly realise that the loss of money may be devastating at the time, but it doesn't need to rob you of your hopes and dreams for the future. Just remember that...

Hope is what happens when you're poor but not broken

There's a goldmine of dreams — just not yet awoken.

Keep hope happening!


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