My Kind of Place - TAUFIQ QURESHI

Rendezvous in RajasthanColourful, culturally rich, royal reminiscences and great cuisine, I love everything about the desert state. The awesome palaces and forts are a way to stay connected with the past. It's like history coming alive. And all those stories of war and peace are fascinating. Particularly, Ajit Bhavan in Jodhpur, which has now been converted into a five-star hotel, is a fabulous structure. I enjoy being in Jaisalmer too - camel rides, campfires with gypsies dancing and savouring my favourite gatte-ki-sabzi. December-January is the ideal time to get the best out of the place. Inspired musically too!It's not just about holidays and having a good time, Rajasthan has touched my music too. So much so that my first album was titled, "Colours of Rajasthan". Yummy treatThough we tend to talk more about Rajasthani vegetarian food, their non-veg preparations are equally delicious. The best part of eating out here is that you can enjoy as much in a ritzy restaurant as at a roadside dhaba (can't get over the dal-roti-makhan combination). Lovely LondonA metropolis that's for the busy bodies and the quiet. Greenery, streams, lakes, parks, theatre, upmarket boutiques, restaurants, malls... choose what you want! A few days ago, I was at the Lake District and felt like I was transported into fairyland. Completely cut offBut when I feel like going on a totally relaxing holiday, it has to be Kerala. Just check into one of the resorts in the backwaters, go in for therapeutic massages, eat health food, sit back and admire Nature's bounty. Believe me, when you get back to work, it will be with renewed vigour.THE MUSICIAN SPOKE TO CHITRA SWAMINATHAN

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