Music Review

Shubh Laabh: Prayers for abundance

(Times Music, Rs. 65 (cassette) ; Rs. 295 (CD)).

IT SOUNDS selfish to pray for personal prosperity - as the phrase Shubh Laabh implies.

But as Harish Bimani makes abundantly clear in his brief Hindi introduction, prosperity is not just about material wealth - it encompasses spiritual and intellectual well being _ in the end, the pursuit of peace and goodwill. Which is why this album alternates prayers to Goddess Mahalakshmi, seeking wealth and prosperity, with others seeking Lord Ganesha's blessings in the quest for knowledge and success. Created by Ears Inc., the same organisation which brought out "Naman: mantras for children" was reviewed in these columns a few weeks ago, "Shubh Laabh" brings the same impeccable production values with lead singer Vijay Prakash, leading soulful chorus chanting a Ganesh shloka; a Mahalakshmi Prarthana and the Punyavaachan mantra, the prayer is to be recited by the householder. The bulk of the album is taken up by the Shubh laabh mantra recited 108 times and it is rounded off by a Lakshmi aarti in Hindi.