Movie on your mobile

Try your hand at mobile filmmaking

Discovery Networks Asia and Nokia are reinventing the concept of filmmaking by providing mobile phone users everywhere with access to knowledge and technology of a new genre — mobile filmmaking. The companies have jointly launched the Mobile First Time Filmmakers Contest 2005, which will give consumers an opportunity to try their hand at mobile filmmaking and qualify to win a prize of $10,000.

To participate, send in a photo or a video that is no longer than nine seconds and a brief description of a favourite icon that best defines the values of your community and how this will be presented in a short mobile film. The icon can be anything such as an old shop house in an alley that holds many memories, a vintage car or even a childhood game.

Fifteen applicants will be short-listed and flown to Singapore in September to attend a workshop organised by Discovery Networks Asia.

In addition, they will each receive a Nokia N90, which they will use to shoot and submit their final entries.

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