Mouthpiece for success

One word that would best describe Ability, the audio magazine, is variety. Interviews, information, reflections and remarks all serve as ideal ingredients for the magazine.

"We have produced the audio version to help many visually impaired readers. All that they need to do now is to play their recorders and listen to any article", says Jayshree Raveendran, director, Ability Foundation, the publishers of the magazine. Even people with vision can enjoy listening to actress Revathi as she answers queries from readers. Readers have given life to mood pieces that describe poignantly experiences of coping with disabilities. Everything has been done with professionalism and care.

The idea is not only to present the recordings of the printed version, but also to make listening a pleasant experience, explains Jayashree.

Though the publishers had been planning the audio magazine for a long time, it materialised only now after the required infrastructure was available to undertake the project.

The recording facilities, provided by Revathi and Suresh Menon's Telephoto Films, and a positive response from those who listened to the samples, encouraged the publishers to go full throttle with the project.

The two-issues old audio magazine (priced Rs 250) is slowly making its presence felt. Jayashree hopes to have more and more subscribers and set a new trend in magazine publication. Ability has become the mouthpiece for many disabled people. It has also become a bridge between the disabled and mainstream society.

Says Jayashree, "The magazine was quoted in two of the recent judgments by a judge at the Chennai High Court in cases related to discrimination on the grounds of disability. The judge told us how much he learnt about the achievements of the disabled, which prompted him to quote the magazine".

The magazine has subscribers from across the country, and for many it offers a platform to share their experiences. Knowing that the magazine is helping them get recognition they deserve, would surely make them hold their heads high with pride.


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