Moksha, rebirth and values on the ramp

CREATIVITY UNLEASHED Students of fashion, from St. Teresa's College display their designs Photo: MAHESH HARILAL

CREATIVITY UNLEASHED Students of fashion, from St. Teresa's College display their designs Photo: MAHESH HARILAL  

The Fashion Technology students of St. Teresa's College put up their creativity on the ramp recently, infusing style and content

Hamlet walked out of the pages of literary texts and did the jaunt on the ramp at St. Teresa's college. Well, the occasion demanded he be there! The 16 students of Fashion Designing and Apparel Merchandising were presenting their Final Collection Design at the college campus. Accompanying him on the ramp were Chinese characters inspired from MO plays, mermaids, kalaripayuttu artistes, elements a propos to the Zodiac signs, fairy tale personas and many myths and beliefs too saw an imaginative symbolic display. This amateur visual m�lange had models flaunting ingenious off-the-wall creations that defied the staid.

Says Archana Shankar, Fashion lecturer at the institute, "For three months the students researched on the theme of their choice and designed four garments each, based on these themes." Ruffled gowns rustled against bright patchworks, godets and gussets lent the needed flexibility and flair while sheer organza alternated with gilded net work in this fashion fiesta. Amritha V's enthused designs of Chinese Opera musical plays were bright and flowing. Says Amritha, "usually they are gymnasts and warriors so I have given a free flow design to my collection to signify movement, including water sleeves and billowing strips for fluidity."

Points out Archana, "These collections are promotionals and shouldn't be confused with wearables. They are done to provide an outlet to let the budding designers explore their creative instincts." If war was on one side, Jyoti realised spiritual peace-loving Jainism on the other. "I made use of light colours to signify beliefs like moksha, rebirth and permanent bliss." So you had layered gowns denoting the four steps to moksha, denim pants encircled with rings suggesting rebirth and a shimmering black coat offset with temple designs telling the age-old tussle between good and evil.

Or take Catherine Joseph's take on the Zodiac signs. "For fire sign Leo, I used red and maroon velvet combination with brown leather and did mirror work on it to proclaim the Leo's attention seeking nature and outgoing personality. And for earthy Taurus cardamom leaves were entwined over the arms to suggest their material acquisitive nature."

For the girls it was an opportunity well utilised. Says Misna, student, "it was a nicely thought presentation and we feel proud that we did all the groundwork and coordinated it ourselves." Adds Amritha, "fashion is the expression of youth and in a State like Kerala which embraces trends last in line, these shows could go a long way in awakening the fashion sensibility in people." And now these eager beavers are ready step into establishments for industry experience and then carve out a glittering designer career thereafter.


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