Mink fresh!

SIBLING REVELRY Mink with her brother Punnu Brar

SIBLING REVELRY Mink with her brother Punnu Brar   | Photo Credit: PHOTO: ANU PUSHKARNA

Remember Mink? The Dev Anand find who was supposed to set the screen on fire with Pyaar Ka Tarana. She showed some promise in films like Priyadarshan's Saat Rang Ke Sapne but her career was more or less defined by Deepak Tijori's Oops. After trying her luck in South Indian films, Mink has turned to production with Katputli, where she is playing the lead role as well. The film also stars Milind Soman and Yukta Mookhey, both of whom have yet to deliver a successful film.So what's new? "In today's time to make a film is in itself s big achievement," reasons Mink, in town to promote the film.

Psychological thriller

Katputli is apparently about individuals who try to manipulate and control other people's lives. Produced in association with her brother Punnu Brar, Minks calls it a psychological thriller. "The film rather than classifying characters as black and white sees individuals in totality with his/her shades of grey making them realistic. This attribute shapes and explains the characters' response to the situations they face in the film." Known for glamorous image, Mink says, "The role of Lisa is unlike any of the roles that I have played in movies so far. It is a very performance-oriented and serious role of a woman who has lost her memory and has to face questions that she can't answer." As for experience as a producer, Mink feels the job is made for her - a position where she could "call the shots." She claims to be a protective producer, personally supervising all aspects of the film, from make-up to the promotional campaigns along with her brother. Comparing acting and production she feels that actors do not get much of a say and choice in the making of a movie. "Their contribution gets limited to their role and the song and dance sequences they are apart of." Here is her chance.

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