Mindless violence

Brahmaji tries to hold the film together

Brahmaji tries to hold the film together  

Police Inspector


Cast: Brahmaji, Bhanuchander, Sindhu, Anand Raj

Director: K. S. Nageswara Rao

Music: Vande Mataram Srinivas

IT'S MAYHEM from the word go. Guns are toted, swords brandished, bombs exploded, women raped, heads chopped, looting, arsenal. Words are not enough to explain the gore and lawlessness that prevails in a city even as the police force remain mute spectators to the mindless violence waiting for a dynamic officer to come to people's rescue. Well this is all about Police Inspector. The film is high on concept as the director tries to portray policemen as people who do not hesitate to sacrifice their lives for maintaining law and order and they should be held in high esteem. However it is low on execution and the outcome is terrifyingly taxing on the nerves.

Coming to the story the city is ruled by a local goonda named Arjun Pande (Anand Raj). As usual he is very influential, gets police officers transferred at the drop of a hat, grabs land left, right and centre. And not satisfied with this he also grabs apartment complexes and prestigious clubs too! And there is no stopping him as he goes about creating havoc in the city, until a dynamic police officer Chandrasekhar Azad (Brahmaji) is posted to the city.

Predictably he confronts him. But his brother Bhagat (Bhanuchander) who works for Pande restrains Azad from taking action against the goon as he threatens to kill Azad. However, Azad convinces his brother to leave the job and surrender to the police. Meanwhile Pande kills Bhagat and it is time for Azad to take action. He chucks his uniform and puts on a skin-hugging outfit and plunges into action. If only he did this much before he would have spared the viewers from torture. The director may have had a noble concept on hand, but the treatment is terrible. Brahmaji, who got the big break as a hero, tries to hold the film together with his talent but ultimately sinks in the morass. A thoroughly forgettable movie unless one wants to subject oneself to a two-and-half hour punishment.


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