Metro cultural round-up

Peesapati Narasimha Murthy being felicitated.

Peesapati Narasimha Murthy being felicitated.  

The first anniversary of Kopparapu Kavula Kalaa Peetham, founded by their grandson, M.V.Ch.M. Subbaraya Sarma, was celebrated in Kalabharati recently.''Endowed with prodigious flair in Aasukavitvam (instant knitting of poems in conformity with the norms of prosody), the poet duo were the first and the last of the kind so far who could render 400 such poems per hour on average during their avadhanams, achieving higher rates on occasions and composing Prabandhams extempore in the same tenor. While even reciting 400 poems from memory stands considered as a superhuman task, is it not a supra-temporal phenomenon if they could achieve still higher rates coining and rendering poems extempore'' wondered Bethavolu Ramabrahmam who was the main speaker at the function.As the records go, they were legendary poets, he opined. Later, he enlighteningly analysed the whole gamut of the techniques adapted in Aasukavitvam in avadhanams in particular. The eminent litterateur, Ganapathiraju Atchutarama Raju, inaugurated the function with Prof. Parvathaneni Subba Rao in the chair. The thespian of the poetic drama, Peesapati Narasimha Murthy, was felicitated by the Director of AP Tourism, M. Venkata Rao, the retired Additional Superintendent of Police, N. Seshagiri Rao, A. Prasanna Kumar, G. Lakshminarayana, Moturi Sivarama Krishna and the managing director of Mytri Finance, Ganta Appala Naidu, on behalf of the Peetham.Renowned playwright, actor and director Raavi Chalam observed that it marked the diamond jubilee of Peesapati's stage career and his puposeful life through the event of the occurrence of 1,000 moons so far (Sahasrachandra darsanam).

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Sri Raja Lakshmi Foundation and Centre for Policy Studies jointly organised a gettogether in honour of the noted promoter of traditional culture and indrustialist NRI, Kidambi Raghunath, who is the president of the International Products and Technology Exchange Inc. and editor of 'Telugu Jyothi', New Jersy.Born in 1944, he did M.Sc. Nuclear Physics, M.Tech. Material and Metallurgical Engg. (IIT, Kanpur), obtained Ph.D. in the same subject from SIT, NJ, by 1977 and was the Director of Research at Berry Solar Products, Edison, till he launched his own industry at South Plainfield in 1986. After successful research on black chrome for selective solar coating, he started production and marketing it along with the other photovoltaic products to 20 coutries including India. ''Credited with 20 research publications and with the experience in teaching earlier at the New Science College, Hyderabad, and the Regional Engineering College, Suratkal, Dr. Raghunath has been by choice previleged to render consultancy, deliver talks on solar engergy and technology transfer in conferences around the world,'' remarked Prof. Prasanna Kumar.Presiding over the function, Satguru K. Sivananda Murthy of Anandavanam felt happy that Kidambi evinced a keen interest in cultural activities and ''promoting creative writing in Telugu among our brethren settled in the US''.As editor of 'Telugu Velugu' till he took over 'Telugu Jyothi' in 1982 besides being an office-bearer of the TANA organising World Telugu conferences for long, Kidambi ''stands like a cultural ambassador'', said the Satguru and felicitated him on behalf of the organisers.Later, Kidambi enlightened the audience on the cultural life of the Telugu-speaking people in the US and on some technical aspects of harnessing solar energy in India.


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