Metro cultural round-up

Offering rich tributes by way of literary discourses dedicated to the memory of the Ganapathiraju Atchutarama Raju and recapitulation of his yeoman services to the port city, enhancing the glory of its cultural life in general and in the fields of literature, drama and art in particular, marked the weekly schedule of the noted literary body, Visakha Sahithi, on Saturday last.

Its secretary, Jampana Kumara Varma, welcomed the gathering which included noted personalities like the president of the Kurella Trust, Kurella Someswara Rao, the staunch Gandhian, K.S. Sastry, the B.V.K. College Telugu lecturer, D.V. Surya Rao, the litterateur, Vemuganti Vasudeva Rao, the brothers of Atchutharama Raju, G. Venkatapathi Raju, G.V.S.L.N. Raju and G. Eswara Varma popularly known as Sankaram, and the advocate, Kandala Srinivasa Rao.

The sahithi president, K. Malayavasini, chaired the session. In her opening remarks, she listed out the events, considered landmark achievements accomplished under the able leadership of Atchutarama Raju, especially in the fields of drama, art and literature including the publication of more than 100 literary works (novels, short stories, plays and critiques) under the aegis of Visakha Sahithi, described him as the exemplar of a renaissance man of culture in letter and spirit non pareil.

She felt happy that all the Raju brothers, including the eldest of all, Chandrasekhar, are creative writer-poets - the late Singaraju was also a litterateur - a rare and rich legacy well nurtured and handed down by their noble father, Sambamurty Raju.

Metro cultural round-up

Prof. Malayavasini was all praise for the brothers who jointly made a laudable effort compiling select poems and free verses scripted by each one of them in a book form, titled `Nivaali', and dedicating it to the memory of their father.

The book was released by Mr. Someswara Rao. Mr. Surya Rao, reviewing its contents, remarked that the literary talent of all the brothers stood comparable in quality to each other.

`Vyaasaardham Kaasta Penchu', an anthology of little over a score of free verses scripted over the years by the youngest of all, Eswara Varma, was alos released.

The noted novelists, short story writers and playwrights, Muddamsetti Hanumantha Rao and Mr. Vemuganti, recalled their long and fruitful association with Atchutarama Raju in the enlightened company of the late Rachakonda Viswanatha Sastry, dramatist Rowji and Duggirala Someswara Rao, who stand acclaimed as non pareil stalwarts in their respective fields of literature and theatre.

Knowledgeable compering by Mr. Srinivasa Rao, was a special attraction. The sahithi's joint secretary, Mangu Prasad, proposed a vote of thanks