Man's best friends

MAN AND animal have always co-existed from time immemorial.

While the larger aspects — endangered wildlife, environmentally affected species etc — cannot be tackled at an individual level, we can make a difference to the life of domesticated animals, both community and family owned, thus creating quality life for both animal as well as the companion.

Understanding the animal psychology will give us a better insight into their behaviour as also helps us enjoy our pets better and at times, learn a tip or two from them.

Here are some questions that owners of dogs often ask:

How to find out if a pet is anaemic?

Examine the insides of the mouth and eyes.

If they're pale instead of a healthy pink, the animal is anaemic.

Why can't dogs be fed chocolates?

Never give your dog any chocolate, however pleading his eyes may be.

Chocolates are slow poison as far as dogs are concerned.

They affect the kidneys, in the long run.

The Blue Cross of India wishes to raise awareness about animals at various levels, ranging from daily care of pets to specific problems pertaining to certain species /breeds.

It also invites readers' participation in the form of photographs, adoption counselling, reader's queries (which will be answered by a panel of professionals), personal experiences, lost and found pet column.