Man or boy?

How to understand men well

It all started at a dinner, where I met my closest friend. She asked me what at that time seemed like the easiest and silliest question anyone could ever ask - "Why are men so hard to understand?" Then, it hit me. Why are we so difficult to understand? I mean a man is simple; he never likes to make life complicated. Then, why is it that women can't seem to understand the rituals that make us what we are... men. So, for all you women who want to know how to handle the things here are some simple ways. First of all, men don't like doing three things we don't like sad, serial-like movies; we don't like waiting at the beauty parlour; and we mostly do not like too much discussion about our future. But even though we don't like them, we endure them most of the times, simply because it makes you happy. So it's about time you return the favour. First of all, watch a brutal action or horror film with us and hold on to our arm when you're scared. It makes us feel like Hercules. Second, sit down and play video games with us even though you don't know how to play and don't like them. And finally, take some interest in our cars and bikes. Ask us how the engine works and if we're going to modify it. Send in your queries to >
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