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Fashion fundas: Malaika Arora Khan

Fashion fundas: Malaika Arora Khan  

Malaika Arora Khan is back on the tube with `Style Mantra', a new show on fashion trends and events

THIS IS one field Malaika Arora Khan has trod umpteen times. From walking the ramp to hosting Style Check on MTV, fashion is what she has been exhibiting and talking about. So, it becomes like `the back of her hand' (excuse the corny bit here) when it comes to chitchatting on what is in fashion and what is out.

New role

And that exactly is the reason this `Chaiya Chaiya' girl gives as to why she has taken up the new role of hosting Style Mantra on the new-look SaharaOne.

"Though this is also about what is the trend and what is not, the highlight is the celebrity interview. It is an informal chat with a celebrity about his or her inspirations, clothes and personality. For a fan of that particular person, it would be no less than a good peek at his/her fashion secrets," says Malaika.

And, by celebrity, she definitely doesn't mean film stars only.

"The person could be a film star, model, business tycoon, politician, media mogul or even from the field of sport. The criteria is, he/she should represent style," she says in her much-practised Anglicised accent, so familiar till a while ago to MTV viewers. Beginning last week, the half hour show featured actress Kareena Kapoor. "The background could be the celebrity's stylish home, bedroom, spa, make-up van or even the set of a film shoot," says Malaika. "For instance, I took Kareena to a coffee shop for the interview. Cricketer Yuvraj Singh will be featured in a gym," comes the additional information.

Fashion queries

Apart from giving colour to celebrity fashion, glamour and style, Malaika's show also features trends, fashion events and fashion and beauty queries. "In simple words, it is a chilled-out, relaxed show."

Though dictating trend terms to others, Malaika says she sets her own style mantras. "Black and white are always in fashion. Outfits in these colours are never out of style. I also like pink and turquoise blue. And if you ask me in which outfit I am most comfortable in, it is definitely blue jeans and a T-shirt," she gives away her secret.

Starting off with hosting yet another show on television, India's Best Cinestar Ki Khoj on Zee TV, and a toddler at home to take care of, Malaika, returning to television after a two-month break, definitely has her hands full. "But, I am not complaining. It is all about organising your time," she says.


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