Making headway

FASHIONABLE WOMEN in the 17th and 18th centuries adorned towering heads of hair with vegetables, fruit, feathers and even vases of flowers. Majority of women sat up all night dozing in chairs rather than spoil their accessorised headpieces by lying in bed.

Today, hair accessories in contrast to the bygone era are more simplified and practical possessing a momentum of "newness" and creativity. The crowning glory is seen as a fashion element, which with modern day accessories could be dressed up or trailed down.

The style gallery reflects "flower power". Floral concepts sailing well in garments in the form of prints, weaves, and patchwork see an extension in the hair accessory segment. Delicate synthetic flowers with equally delicate leafy components top the style charts. A difference in daywear and eveningwear hair accessories is signalled through colour - an element that is very important this season. Match the accessory colour with that of your garment to create "that" look.

Making headway

These hair accessories are mounted on criss-cross teeth that could adorn your hair with great amount of ease. Apart from their high visual appeal, these accessories serve functional qualities of holding, and dressing up the hair. When loosely held up with these accessories, even flyaway hair could achieve volume.

Flat and raised hair accessories with comb like teeth are also sailing well. Apart from the varying thickness and thinness of the teeth, this segment of hair accessories is seen experimenting with material. From conventional bases like metal and plastic to newer entries like wood and even blow glass, hair accessories are definitely here to charm a creative soul!

With shine and shimmer infiltrating into every aspect of living and dressing, could hair accessories be far behind? Metal bases coated with glitter and rhinestone - studded concepts create an element of interest.

The style gallery indicates an interesting play and shapes. Along with ideas from the garden (flowers and butterflies) other shapes that are flagged under a vision of geometry are seen in the form of clasp-on clips. Circular, rectangular and square shaped delicate (glitter coated) versions are ruling the style charts. Suiting almost every hair type, hair accessories have indeed come a long way. With utilisation and higher style value, hair accessory products have become an important carrier of personal style and taste. Giving introduction without your calling card... hair accessories are surely here to stay!


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