Make the most of your time

DO YOU think the goal of good time management is to try to get more done in less time, so you can do even more? Think again. The goal of good time management is to help you work efficiently on what matters most to you.

Perhaps this would include spending more time with your family, exercising for health and relaxation, meditating, gardening, studying, volunteering your time for good causes, or building your career.

Don't do things merely through habit or because they seem to be urgent. This leads to the Trivia Treadmill of wasted time and an unproductive life.

What truly enriches your life? Your job, your family, friends, community? These are often things that can be neglected with no short-term consequences, but if they're overlooked too long, you will pay a hefty price.

The more you put them off in favour of more `urgent' activities, the more you'll wonder why you never seem to achieve your goals or feel fulfilled by what you do.

Invest some time in identifying what adds real value to your life. This is where to focus your energies and efforts. How will you make your time count in each of these areas?

(Kris Cole is an industrial psychologist best selling author, and seminar leader who helps people communicate and make time for a better life.


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