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Bollywood debut Nausheen with Ashish Chowdhury in ‘Three’

Bollywood debut Nausheen with Ashish Chowdhury in ‘Three’  

Nausheen Ali Sardar, the ‘Kkusum’ girl, makes her Bollywood debut

Nausheen Ali Sardar is doing what many television actors have done in the past, testing waters with the big screen. Making her debut in Vikram Bhatt production, Three — love, lies and betrayal, she quips, “I hope I don’t have to go back to television. Television made me a household name. The problem is that the audience remembers you after your character name in a serial and nothing more.” She has reason to believe so, since she’s best known as Kkusum to the television audience.

Transition to films

The transition to films came with its share of hiccups. “I worked on four films that never got released. Of these, 42 kms was a good film. The others were bad choices and thankfully they got shelved. Nowadays when I get offers, I want to know if the producer has the money to release the film,” she says.

Nausheen regrets the time wasted on those films but philosophises, “The experience helped me learn to face the camera for movies. In serials, the focus is mostly on facial expressions while your entire body language is important in cinema. If I hadn’t made those mistakes and learnt form them, perhaps I wouldn’t be looking so confident in Three.”

Three, directed by Vishal Pandya, bears the stamp of Vikram Bhatt, which Nausheen attributes to Vishal having assisted Vikram Bhatt for nine years. The film deals with adultery, a subject dealt with in many Bhatt productions before. Nausheen plays a violin teacher and even took classes and learnt to play the instrument.

“Unfortunately, the final edit doesn’t have scenes of me playing the violin. But there are interactive scenes with school children and my training helped me tell the children how to hold a violin etc,” she reasons. In Kkusum, she was the quintessential woman next door. Her transformation into a stylish woman of today for Three was easy, she says. “When I was still working for the serial, I met with a car accident and fractured my collar bone. I put on a lot of weight. Once the fracture healed after 11 months, I hit the gym again. Kickboxing helped me return to my original self. For the film, I shed four to five kilos because I was required to wear thick jackets and sweaters (the film was shot in Scotland) and didn’t want to appear overweight.”

Nausheen doesn’t fancy returning to TV, which is dominated by reality shows. “Some shows are intelligent and fun, like Fear Factor. But there are shows I cannot relate to. I turned down the offer to be part of Bigg Boss despite being offered good money. I cannot shut myself in a rat hole and be watched by cameras 24/7. I value my privacy.”


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