Little bundles of talent

A HUSH descended in the hall as the lights faded out at the Rani Seethai Hall . Suddenly, a little voice called out to her friend in the crowd and the two of them came bounding up the steps of the stage. "What's happening?" enquired the friend. "Vocalz is on" announced her little partner. The curtains opened to reveal a backdrop of `Brother Sun' in some of his merry moods - sporting his sunshine smile, a pair of rakish dark glasses, inviting the audience to enjoy the Vocalz show. .

"You are my Sunshine'', crooned the 40-odd children, in the 4-14 age group. Sporting sunny cotton tops, skirts, shorts and straw hats, they warmed their way into the hearts of the audience. Not to be outdone, the juniors dramatically wriggled on to the stage with their number "Thousand-legged worm". The group then moved on to the serious business of singing to scaleand some of it with rhythm.

One could only marvel at the confidence displayed by each member of the group, performing as they were without any stage practice. .

Little bundles of talent

This was followed by the junior solos, "Crocity Coc", "Bee doing ballet on a dog's nose", while the whole group joined in the chorus. "I hear thunder" and "Kukubaara" were beautifully sung in rounds by the four year olds. Every child was given a chance to display his/her talent and every piece was compered with clarity. The seniors presented popular numbers such as "Showers of blessings", "Eight white horses", "Cellito Lindo", "Shortenin bread". The children who had learnt the piano at Vocalz also played interesting pieces from their course books..

The musicians then played "El Bimbo". Prabhu George on the violin, Ian Gozmao on the guitar, Nataraj on the keyboard and Davidson on the drums lent admirable support. The props were eye-catching and innovative. Like for the horse, improvised towels and Chef's caps were used.

"Brown girl in the ring", "Jumbalaya" and "Somewhere over the rainbow" were sung with feeling by Anand. "One day at a time" by Drishya stood out. The children were disciplined and handled the mikes in a casual, yet careful manner.. The show managed to bring in a note of sunshine and a breath of fresh air to the unusually-cloudy Chennai.