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Pretty designs in varied colours — Photo: K. Bhagya Prakash

Pretty designs in varied colours — Photo: K. Bhagya Prakash  

FROM BEING the conventional cream coloured, cylindrical shaped ones to those in bright colours and unique shapes with exotic aromas, the humble candles have come a long way indeed. Besides serving the functional purpose, candles have, today, also become popular gifting items. They symbolise a certain joy and well-being. If you believe in gifting candles and want to check out a wide range in creative designs, simply head towards The Candle Shop on K. Kamaraj Road.

The store has candles ranging from modest ones priced at Rs. 20 each to those three feet tall, priced at Rs. 3,500. There are the scented votives that come in fragrances such as orange, banana, jasmine, lemon, pineapple, almond, grapes, strawberry, musk, lavender, and so on. These are to be lit in a glass or a container, which are also on display at the store.

This apart, the store offers wrought iron candle stands priced at Rs. 135 onwards. Most of these have a glass candleholder with the cracked glass look and there are some pretty pieces crafted from wax. There are also candleholders that can be used in the garden which give a beautiful glow when candles are lit in them.

The shop has a set of unique candles called the twirled dinner tapers, which come in 10 vibrant colours. The silver and gold tapers are particularly pretty.

There are a number of floating candles, the smaller ones come in shapes of leaves, flowers, stars, round nuggets, and so on, while the bigger ones are flower-shaped, well decorated and can be lit in pools of water and big urlis.

While The Candle Shop has the regular range of candles (spherical, cylindrical, and square shaped ones in various sizes), one does find unique ones here in the shape of a bed of roses, walnut log, and book-shaped candles. There are a few that are made from paraffin wax, studded and embedded with interesting items.

For example, there's the quaint coffee candle that has actually coffee beans in it and gives out a matching aroma when lit, or the cardamom candles with real cardamom embedded in them. Other material that the store has experimented with is jute. Jute-covered candles are available in many colours.

You can pick up candles in the shape of a sunflower, heart, watermelon slices, tomatoes, and so on. While these are designed to appeal to children and teenagers, there is also a range of candles with diffusers that are used in aromatherapy. These have to be used a T-lite candle. The entire diffuser, along with two kinds of aroma oils and 2 T-lites is available for Rs. 225.

The Candle Shop can be contacted on 5582311/ 12.


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