`Life isn't all about regrets'

Son of actor-producer-director Thiagarajan, Prashanth has been papa's boy, grateful to his father for everythingThe doting father too could not help showering compliments on his son. Attired in a saffron-coloured T-shirt and twirling his thick moustache, Prashanth looked every bit an action hero. From "Vaikasi Poranthachu", his first film, to "Thagappansamy", released recently, he has come a long way. As the father and son came together for a Take Two, there was no stopping them. S. S. Kavitha recorded their chat. Thiagarajan (in a typical director's voice): Well, let's talk about the industry, then and now. Prashanth: Okay. You start. Thiagarajan: When I entered Kollywood, there were not many facilities. Actors had to struggle to establish themselves. At that time, you were in your school final, aspiring to become a doctor. But, we wanted you to be a handsome doctor ( Prashanth grins). Hence, we put you through a regimen, ranging from martial arts to music and dance. Prashanth: Was the entry easy for you? Thiagarajan: Yes. I was into film distribution. Director Bharathiraja, my friend, selected me for "Alaigal Oyvathillai". How about you? Prashanth: Thanks to you, my entry was smooth. I didn't have to struggle much nor was I exposed to the vagaries of the industry. Thiagarajan: The name and fame we enjoy in the industry today have been earned through sheer hard work. People always tell me that I am extremely lucky to have a son like you. You are very disciplined. Prashanth: It is all because of you and mom, the way you groomed me. Thiagarajan: In the process, I too learnt many things from you. Right from childhood, you have been very cautious about what you eat. It is thanks to you that I am trim today. You motivated me to exercise and stay fit. Prashanth: I think the secret behind my success is your experience. You know what to do, when to do it and how to do it. You've always guided me but never ordered me around. Thiagarajan: I wanted you to learn the tricks of the trade the hard way. Had your first film failed, you had the option of pursuing medicine. But, the film became a super hit. Prashanth: A big hit, indeed. I remember, you said, to enter a profession at the age of 17 is an achievement. And I had the luxury of choosing between two professions. Thiagarajan: Any regrets? Prashanth: Life is never about regrets. But about the best you can make of it. This is what I have learnt from my failures. At present, I am busy with "Pulan Visaranai II," "Petrol" and "Runway" and a historical under your direction. Thiagarajan: I agree with your views about life. Now you talk like a seasoned actor. Okay, what do you like the most in me? Prashanth: It's the fact you still find time for us. What else can I yearn for? (On that note both of them got up to leave the place)
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