`Let me eat in peace'

K. Amruth feels being a non-vegetarian is a matter of choice

Recently there was a video doing the rounds in cyberspace titled `meet your meat'. No it was not one of those umpteen funny videos, this one was made to bring about a change of heart in the `savage' non-vegetarian. The video, which showed the livestock industry in bad light, may cause the intended heart change for any non-vegetarian who is sympathetic towards the lesser mammals. There are hens stuffed in cages, oxen being castrated, piglets killed by banging them on the floor, horns and beaks being cut without sedatives, and the grotesque show goes on for a full twenty minutes, ending with a plea for one and all to turn vegetarian. Some of my friends did, I did not. So at our next friends' party, I was looked at condescendingly.I don't want to voice my opinion on vegetarianism. There are many people who like their food as it is. The age-old debate continues. Nutritionists may come out with a new finding. The `ideal' human diet may include meat or not. Vegetarians may find new ways to persuade us. There is nothing wrong in such persuasion, but when someone takes no heed of it, should he/she feel guilty? One's choice of food should be left to one's conviction. I will have my favourite food unless forbidden by my doctor or dietician. In fact one of my friends was ready to savour a chicken dish while watching the `meet the meat' video. All I say is the next time anyone has his/her non-vegetarian dish, hot and spicy, it need not be served with a helping of disapproval. Let me just eat in peace.

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