Lens view of life

VIJAI SHANKAR has indeed done Chennai-ites proud. The youngster won the Silver Award in Digital Movie Division in the Canon Digital Creators Contest 2002.

Vijai, who received the award at a special ceremony in Tokyo in December, is excited to have won the award for his first short. There were more than 600 entries from over 70 countries across the globe.

The two-minute film titled "Colours" is a result of a personal experience. Says Vijai, "There used to be frequent power failures in our house. That was when I thought this episode could be converted into a short film."

"Colours" talks of various aspects of life. There's a young girl who asks her mother for a candle to study when there's a power failure. The twist is the presence of a young boy who paints abstract forms. It is revealed that he's blind.

Lens view of life

The 23-year old, who has a diploma in digital filmmaking and non-linear editing from the Anna University, has worked with people like Janaki Lenin, herpetologist Rom Whitaker, theatre person Prasanna Ramaswamy and documentary film maker R.V. Ramani. Vijai is also a freelance editor and teaches students of digital film making at the Anna University.

Currently, he is working on three short film scripts. As for the future, he hopes to pursue his studies in film making abroad.

Vijai Shankar can be contacted at 23764319/98412-29940.

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