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UNWIND IN STYLE The On-Shore Resort

UNWIND IN STYLE The On-Shore Resort  

The 40-room On-Shore Resort is one of the new additions to Mayajaal

You can now stay at Mayajaal, thanks to On-Shore Resort, a 40-room leisure resort which has come up on its premises. The resort provides "activity-based leisure" because it has been allowed to make use of The Champ ("a Mayajaal village which offers sporting options such as golf, indoor and outdoor cricket, tennis, squash, badminton and snooker") that lies adjacent to it. Characterised by multiple colours on the inside and outside, the chalets look vibrant. And they seem to have been cut to perfect geometric shapes. An effort has been made to model the bar called Amazon, after the Amazon forest. Cobbled stones form what comes close to a balustrade on a mezzanine flooring, which can be accessed via wooden stairs. While climbing them, you have nothing but long, twisted logs for support. Generally bars come semi-dingy. For that forest feel, Amazon comes more dingy than usual. Out in the open, a block of rugged rock lets out three jets of water. They can pass off for waterfalls. The resort has three conference halls that have been named after Newton, Galileo and Edison. Udeep, director and chief executive officer, Mayajaal Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., says, "Many companies on the Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR) have already booked halls and rooms at the resort for their employees and delegates." The resort is part of Mayajaal's initiatives that have been driven by the developments taking place on the parallel OMR. "The software boom brought to the OMR a group of people who slog so much through the week that they develop an anathema for work when the week ends. The first thing they want to do is get away from the OMR. Already, most of them hit the ECR on Saturday night. When more roads connect ECR and OMR, many will end up at the ECR during the weekends," says Udeep. Maya Mall is an outcome of this calculation. The 30,000 sq.ft. shopping complex operates on the plug-and-play model. "We have let big brands run their shops and showrooms." Another additional revenue stream would be the Silver Sea Beach resort, to come up at the Silver Sands property, which Mayajaal has acquired. The resort is likely to have 70 cottages.For reservations at On-Shore Resort, call 98400-12882, 04114-272867/70 or email >onshore@mayajaal.comPRINCE FREDERICK

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