Learning spaces

The amphitheatre (left) and a spacious sit out -- Photos: K. Gajendran

The amphitheatre (left) and a spacious sit out -- Photos: K. Gajendran  

IF ONE is considering creating space for children between their tuitions and television time, there is opportunity knocking at the door. Saptaparni is a centre for children where an alternative space for `leisure and learning, interaction and introspection' has opened at Banjara Hills (Plot No 21, Rd. No. 8, Ph: 55667707)

Providing an appealing environment is half the mission accomplished if one expects children to spend productive time. Saptaparni offers precisely that. Housed in a bright and airy building, Saptaparni has been specially designed to symbolise free flow of ideas - no restricting walls and structured spaces. The movement of mind and body, rest assured, will take their own course leading through serene and scenic surroundings. A vibrant tree under concrete canopy, green-granite laced seating facility - minus walls, spacious gallery room, colourful bookstore, cosy audio-visual room, an amphitheatre and a caf� - Saptaparni is all about `learning at leisure'.

For Anuradha, who's the woman behind Saptaparni, the entire idea behind the centre is to `revive the long forgotten Indian traditions and evoke the rich cultural diversity of our heritage'.

Learning spaces

Prompted by her own daughter's needs who was keen on reading something in her mother tongue and found none, Anuradha made sure books in Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam found their place in the bookstore. The store racks are adorned predominantly by Indian writers in English, while a Harry Potter and an Enid Blyton occupy, may be a shelf or two.

The toyshop at Saptaparni is another avenue to discover traditional Indian games. Colourful and eco-friendly, these games revive memories and bound to strengthen bonds, as they involve a group to come together to play.

One finds lecture-demonstrations, workshops on puppetry and other crafts, story-telling sessions, art exhibitions happening in the gallery. An ideal atmosphere for the child to gain first-hand knowledge and even indulge in some of the activities. The beautifully designed amphitheatre will provide space for staging plays, poetry reading and other inter-active workshops.

A caf�, which will soon be part of the centre, will add to the ultimate joys in relaxation.

Malavika Saruakkai, who gave a lec-dem during Saptaprini's launch thinks that the centre is an ideal space for a child to grow in creativity and expression.

Leaving scope for improvement and the concept to evolve further, Anuradha is confident that Saptaparni will be a delightful destination for children.

For further details contact Saptaparni at 5566 7707.


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