Learning from life

SHE HAS the will to accept any challenge, a heart full of compassion for the needy and believes that success is synonymous with hard work. That's Sudha Narayana Murthy, Chairperson Infosys Foundation, for you.

She was in Chennai this past week to participate in the release of her books, "Oru Kanavin Kadhai", "Dollar Marumagal" and "Paurnami irutu", at the Mylapore Fine arts Club and to deliver an inspiring talk for the members of the Duchess Club.

The programme, organised by the Duchess Club, focussed on `Methods to maintain your individuality'. "This is part of the activities organised by the club especially for women who feel the need to be encouraged. Occasional seminars by people of such eminence will inspire them," feels Rathi of the Duchess Club.

Learning from life

A philanthropist and writer, Ms. Murthy shared some of her experiences and lessons learnt from life. Giving anecdotes from the epics and Upanishads, she spoke of the values advocated by them and great scholars and their relevance in everyday life.

Pointing out that it is talent alone that lends individuality to a person, she advised that to taste success, one has to face hardships.

Since the gathering comprised mostly of women, she further pointed the need to devote time for themselves. "Women have a tendency to underestimate their potential. But, they need to pay more attention and care to themselves. This is one of the reasons why Infosys Foundation focusses on health and primary education for women and children in the five States where it is located."

An engineer by profession, Ms. Murthy said, "Admission into an engineering course at the University did not come to me easily. I had to personally write to the authorities before I got admission. It was not easy for me, as the infrastructure was not built to suit women. May be such hardships I faced equipped me to face life with more courage."

Learning from life

Talking about the activities she is involved in, she said that one has to devote at least two hours a day for social work. According to her, "By educating people, one not only gives them the confidence and a chance to come up in life but also the satisfaction that they have helped someone. But the hiatus between the different strata is huge in our society and it is our responsibility to make a change".

Narrating some incidents, she pointed out that her inspiration came mainly from the underprivileged. "It is not their fault that they are poor and do not have the resources. But the fault is ours if we do not help them". Her talk was followed by an interactive question and answer session where Ms. Murthy patiently answered all the questions.

There was a presentation on the World Cup Cricket for the blind that is to be held this December.