Kool combo

Sibling revelry — Photo: S. Subramanium

Sibling revelry — Photo: S. Subramanium  

He is calm, she is temperamental. Yet the talented siblings hit it off at home and work

TWO TO tango is clich�d, two to tangy isn't. "Full of flavours," is how Tusshar Kapoor defines his relationship with sister Ektaa. One is cool and calm while the other is temperamental and touchy.

"Yes, she is temperamental. I find it hard to say no to anybody but she can do it," says Tusshar. Ask him to wind back and Tusshar says: "She used to fight a lot with me. Once we were supposed to go for a party but when we were about to leave she picked up a fight with me and tore off all the buttons of my shirt!"

Over the years, both have made their way to the limelight dropping some, but retaining most of their childhood characteristics.

"She is still the kind to prove what she thinks is right. She never gives up and I really admire her for the patience she has to wait for her efforts to bear fruit. When I decided to enter the film industry, I was surprised to find the amount of work one has to put in here. I hated being reprimanded by dance and action masters. At one point of time, I even contemplated leaving Mujhe Kucch Kehna Hai. It was Ektaa and my father (Jeetendra) who counselled me that every profession has its own demands and one has to take them in stride."

As for learning the craft from his father, Tusshar is honest enough to admit: "I am a director's actor. My father had his own style. Those days each actor was known for his trademark mannerisms. However, I would like to last as long as my father did in the industry."

Ektaa, however, does not have the patience to dissect Tusshar's performance. She walked out half way through the screening of Kya Dil Ne Kaha.

"She felt I am getting repetitive. I also realised I am getting typecast as lover boy. That's why I tried Khaaki and then Gayab," he says.

She may not like to comment on her excessive supply of kitchen politics on television, but Tusshar defends his sister: "When viewers don't mind, who are we to criticise? Whenever I get time, I watch Kyunki... " No wonder, he was seen in a special appearance in the serial. And the next sibling product for the asking is Kya Kool Hain Hum.


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