King of kings

AFTER SWEEPING the Oscars in all the 11 categories for which it was nominated, including the prestigious Best Picture and Best Director awards, "The Lord Of The Rings — The Return Of The King" is releasing this Friday in Chennai. It has also become the second movie to break the $1 billion box-office mark worldwide and now ranks as the second highest grossing film of all times after "Titanic" whose $1.8 billions will be crossed in the coming weeks. But in India, "Lord Of The Rings" Part 1 and 2 were failures and now "Return of The King" which opened on January 30 in North India is above average, while in Bangalore, it is a super hit. Warner Brothers, distributors of the film, has taken a decision not to dub it into Tamil. The film will have a solo release in Chennai at the Satyam Cineplex, which will enable it to get a fantastic initial and a long run. For Hollywood films, especially Oscar winning movies, Chennai is emerging as the fifth highest collecting market in Asia.