Filmi Thamasha

(Monday- Friday, 6 pm)

This is a comedy show in which you can phone up hostess Suby and ask her to telecast comedy scenes from films of your choice. It's produced by K V Sasikumar and George Thomas.

Nammal Thammil

(Saturday, 8 pm)

Dileep comes on TV, defending his role in Kunzhi koonan. In two episodes of Nammal Thammil, on successive Saturdays, (the first one was telecast on November 9) the question whether the disabled was shown in poor light in the movie, would be discussed. Dileep comes as both characters in the movie, a hunchback and an ordinary Dileep. Sreekandhan Nair would be grilling him on the subject, with lots of others pitching in with their comments.

Hello Kids

(Monday- Thursday, 5.05 pm)

This show is aimed at kids and is value based, according to its makers. It's a cartoon series and Shakespeare is introduced in a simple way to the children. Master Chandu and Baby Krishna present the programme. Prakash C Menon has produced the show.



(7.40 from Monday to Friday)

DD began its morning programme on November 1. Prabhatavandanam is not on the lines of the programmes that other channels have already, its makers claim. There are 50 different kinds of subjects that the programme deals with, including entertainment, business apart from national and international affairs.



(Saturday 9.30 pm, Sunday 1.30)

From November 16, every Saturday, there will be a programme on music that is different from the others. Audio albums will be introduced to viewers in this show. Simon George produces the programme and Francis directs it.



(Sunday, 12 midnight, Monday 4 pm)

Dr P M Mathew Vellore takes part in this programme which deals with a host of problems from readers. Psychological problems get the attention they deserve and Dr Mathew effortlessly gives solutions and solace to those who seek them. Sreejaya assists him. Anil Pathirippilly directs the show.


Kalabhavanum... .

(Saturday, 8 pm, Thursday 9.30 am, Friday 11.30)

Kalabhavanum Mimicsum pinne njanum is being telecast for some time. Actors Jayaram, Kalabhavan Mani Siddique-Lal etc take part in this show. K S Prasad hosts it.

Cheriya Sreeniyum Valiya Lokavum

(Monday-Friday, 9.05 pm)

Venu Nagavalli has directed this Sreeni-based show . Actor-director Sreenivasan shares his funny experiences with viewers.

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