Keeping vehicle thieves at bay

VEHICLES ARE now becoming increasingly unsafe both at home and parking places. Vehicle lifters always manage to find innovative methods. So, we find the two-wheelers in lock and chains even at home, while the four-wheeler owners take the necessary precautions to ensure that they do not vanish overnight.

In case of four-wheelers, theft of the stereo system, rear view mirror and the like is the most common. Thanks to technology the vehicles and equipment can be kept safe. But, such technology will be useful only if it were to suit Indian conditions.

Automobile components manufacturer, Premier Instruments and Controls Limited (Pricol) has come out with a security and convenience system for four-wheelers. Xenos Technologies Limited (XTL), a company floated by Pricol and the US-based Directed Technologies Limited has launched Firewall series — vehicle remote locking device and vehicle security system (VSS). "Initially, we are offering VSS and remote locking for four-wheelers. Later, we plan to introduce it for two-wheelers," says Vijay Mohan, Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Pricol. So what advantages does VSS offer? "The Firewall is easy to install and power consumption is also lower. It uses the latest technology and is compact," explains Jerry Daniel, General Manager (Marketing), XTL.

Mr. Mohan notes that the company decided to enter the segment after conducting a market study. "In India, the VSS equipment is largely imported. The quality of the product is not up to the mark and hence we thought we could make an impact," he says.

"Statistics available with the RTO office show that on an average about 150 two-wheelers are stolen every month in Coimbatore. So we thought that there is a huge market for VSS," says Mr. Daniel. The firewall range of products will be initially available only in Coimbatore region.

"We want to know how the market responds. Based on that we will make changes and introduce the product all over India in six months," Mr. Mohan announces. In the US, vehicles fitted with VSS get a reduction in the insurance and efforts are on to have a similar kind of arrangement in India, he adds.

The VSS for two-wheelers would be introduced after making necessary changes to meet Indian needs. For market distribution, Xenos has entered into an agreement with MAS, a TVS group company. The advanced version of the VSS prevents the engines from getting started. Firewall 100 offers remote central locking, while Firewall 200 has a security alarm as an additional feature. The most advanced feature Firewall 300 prevents thieves from hot-wiring the vehicle. The Firewall series is priced between Rs.2,100 and Rs.5,500 for four wheelers and comes with a lifetime warranty.


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