Kababs, anyone?

THIS IS a factory indeed but a familiar one where you can fill yourself to the brim in the unassuming environs with the assembly line production of luscious kababs and a variety of dishes through a sit-in buffet. The unit in question is The Great Kabab Factory (TGKF), the flagship restaurant of Radisson Hotel, which has opened its second stand-alone restaurant in Punjabi Bagh.

The place is an answer to the food-lovers looking for a conventional menu in a household milieu. With Gilouti Kabab, its signature dish as the prime attraction, the plant manufactures Fish tikka, Chicken chooza and Lagan ki kaleji to keep the non-vegetarian buds blooming. Chef Sanjay Kaul informs, "We prepare Lagan ki kaleji in a utensil called Lagan made of brass and bronze to impart a particular colour and taste to this lamb meat." For vegetarians there are veg kababs or tikka, which according to Kaul is an amalgamation of cheese, potato, carrot and beans prepared in maize, cardamom, and fennel powder with chironji and cashew nut paste imparting richness to the taste. Then there is vegetable seenkh, roasted cheese, veg/non-veg biryani to keep you interested. And if you feel anytime that things are getting a bit over the factory offers chaach with coriander leaves to keep things under control, which is hard to do as desserts spoil all your flab-cutting measures. Led by Lucknawi Muzaffar and Shahi Tukda, the dessert also includes Kalajam and Rasogulla. Muzaffar is better than the rest as the vermicelli roasted in milk and khoya really add Mughal opulence to the feast.

The factory opens for dinner only, except on Saturday and Sunday, when it releases both lunch and dinner. And if Anshu Kapoor, the unit manager is to be believed soon the place will have spirits as well. With a price tag of Rs. 345 on vegetarian buffet and Rs. 395 on the non-vegetarian one, the factory is really value for money.

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