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WISE MOVE Anil Kumble

WISE MOVE Anil Kumble  

BEJAN DARUWALLAtells us why Anil Kumble is a man to watch out for!

Ganesha says, “K Street” in Washington is the money street, the fundraiser street for presidents, tycoons, big shots. Only a privileged few are ever called there. Ganesha asserts that Karnataka bowler Anil Kumble deserves to be on cricket’s “K-Street”. Let us not forget that Kumble has a complete ten wickets in the bag against Pakistan. What makes him so special?

Kumble, a leg-spinner, a googly expert, is faster than most, and has a high bounce. More importantly, he is both an artist and a craftsman, a brainy, devious, dexterous bowler, who structures the downfall of batsmen! Here is how the different planets in his personal horoscope work.

By Western astrology

Sun in Libra: rhythm, style, good, flowing, blowing and action.

Mercury in Scorpio: Dexterity, deception (therefore, those googlies), determination and stamina.

Venus in Scorpio: Competitiveness, deadly intent, motivation, popularity with crowds backing him.

Jupiter in Sagittarius: Jupiter is luck. Sagittarius is both lucky and energetic, therefore, he succeeds, in taking wickets in quick succession, like rapid revolver fire! Chance favours him. Cricket is by chance!

Mars in Aquarius: The placing of the energy planet, Mars, is the same for Sachin and Kumble! Therefore, Kumble too has inventiveness, imagination, endurance, and a fine cricket brain. Kumble must take care of his health and parents!

Kumble was born on 17/10/1970. The number 17 by addition comes to No 8. The year 1970 by addition also comes to No.8. The No.10 for the month of October comes by addition to the No.1. The beauty and surprise is that the total, namely, 8 + 1 + 8 is = 17 = 1+ 7 = 8. The No.8 is that of Saturn. It gives results slowly but surely. Therefore, at the late age of 37, Kumble has been chosen as the captain. Ganesha says Kumble will be good for at least two more years. Kumble’s birth date, 17 is symbolised by the Tarot No.17 and the “Star”. It is the number of hard work and final reward. How apt!

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