It's quiz time

Quantum Blues an organisation floated by young undergraduate students would be organising a "mega" quiz competition for school children during the second week of July here in the city.

The proposed inter-school "Quantum Blues Trivia Quiz" is expected to cover over 500 schools in the city.

As a prelude to the event, the organisers would be undertaking a publicity campaigns through various forums including distribution of pamphlets.

Schools can send their teams comprising three participants.

The quiz will consist of a 30- minute preliminary round, from which the six top teams will be selected for the onstage round.

The latest computer software would be employed during the various rounds of the competition. The onstage round will consist of six rounds at the end of which, the top three teams will be awarded cash and other gift hampers.

According to the organisers the timing of the quiz is being worked out to ensure that there was no dislocation of the academic activities of the schools so as to ensure the maximum participation. The quiz promises to be one of the, unique competition, as the questions would be designed in a way to check the overall thinking potential of the participants and introduce a new concept of "trivia quizzing," to children.

Sidney P. Monteiro would conduct the competition.

For further details contact 98494 27334, 98850 89344

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