It’s Christmas Day

TUCK IN And have a blast

TUCK IN And have a blast  

For a taste of Christmas goodies

The Raintree Hotel offers a range of programmes on Christmas Day. Join carol singing in the lobby on Christmas afternoon and enjoy the feast.

Christmas lunch

For traditionalists, Rainbow, the 24x7 multi-cuisine restaurant, offers Christmas lunch complete with turkey and wine.

At Above Sea Level, the roof top restaurant, you can have lunch and enjoy the view.

Call 42252525 for details.

Cakes and pudding

If you are looking for cake, get to French Loaf on Harrington Road where plum cake, pudding, corporate gift boxes and family packs are available.

Group Oriental’s restaurants Ente Keralam (42328585), Benjarong (4322640), Zaras (28111462), China Town (28112246), Copper Chimney (28115770) and Noodle (42636316) will celebrate Christmas with carollers and surprise gifts from Santa.

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