MMM... MELBOURNE! Tantalising tastes and textures seduce me into seventh heaven as Australia's culinary capital plays host to its eleventh `Food and Wine Festival'. Marvellous Melbourne meticulously serves up the most gourmets of events on a platter. The days are cool and autumnal and full of radiant sunshine as some of the world-renowned chefs ricochet across the taste buds of this beautiful city.

IT'S AN absolute pleasure to come home to your messages and calls. Thanks ever so much. And Dipeshwar Seth of "Second Helping" please do accept my apologies at the mix up of names. Sonali is Dipeshwar's wife and Aruna is his mother's name. Sorry about the confusion. Do keep in touch and let me know if there's anything else I can do to rectify the error.

(Rashmi Uday Singh is a food reporter,critic and author for 21 years. Food and health are her passions. )

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