LIGHTEN UP Good lighting is important

LIGHTEN UP Good lighting is important  

Arrange your storage so that you can reach items you use regularly without straining. It is safer to store heavy items lower down, and lightweight glasses and plates at higher level. Don't be tempted to improvise by hopping onto a stool or box if you need something that's out of reach. A proper stepladder with wide non-slip treads is the answer — or wait until someone can help you.

Flooring should be non-slip and easy to keep clean. Carpet is not a good idea in the kitchen and ceramic tiles may look lovely, but they can be tiring to stand on, and are definitely not forgiving if you drop anything breakable on them.

Good lighting is important in the kitchen, and if your eyesight is poor, strong colour contrasts on edges and any steps can also help prevent accidents.

* It's less tiring to work sitting down in a domestic kitchen. A perching stool will enable you to rest comfortably at a suitable height for a kitchen work surface.

* Replace hard-to-manage tap handles with easier lever styles or even hands-free, infrared controls. For tight budgets, there are lever adapters, which fit most standard taps.

* There is a good range of utensils with easy-to-grip handles, which are easier and safer to use if you have arthritis or limited dexterity. Chopping boards with a raised border to hold the item you are slicing or chopping are also helpful.

* Avoid having to lift heavy kettles and teapots by using a kettle tipper.

* Implements are available to help with opening tins, jars, plastic bags, and even the ring-pull tabs that are becoming more prevalent.

* Non-slip mats make many tasks easier and safer — you can hold mixing bowls in place, for example, or make the surface of a tray more secure. You can buy non-slip mats in various shapes and sizes, or in a piece that you can cut to size.

* Carrying dishes of food or cups of tea around can be hazardous if you are not too steady on your feet. A tray with a carrying handle for one-handed use leaves the other hand free to carry a stick, or a wheeled walking frame with built-in tray gives even more support.

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By Pradeep Khosla

Executive Chef, Taj Krishna

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