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CHATLINE Managing director of Ceebros Property Development, C. Subba Reddy and his daughter Swetha talk to PRIYADARSHINI PAITANDY on building dream houses and eco hotels

G lossy cabins, picturesque wooden bridges and pools filled with darting fish — C. Subba Reddy's office resembles an oriental spa. It may be restful on the surface, but there's plenty going on inside, quite like the owner of the property. Reddy is surprisingly relaxed, despite shuttling from room to room answering phone calls. And, the conversations mostly revolve around acres and square feet.

Managing director of Ceebros Property Development, he's completed nearly 250 independent projects over the last 31 years. “It has been a successful and satisfying journey because we share a good relationship with our clients, builders, purchasers, vendors and everybody who is involved in the process of building a home,” says Reddy. He believes that to be well accomplished it is important to accept and correct mistakes. “I make it a point to meet the buyers and also write to all my clients after the completion of each project, asking for their feedback and making the changes they require,” he adds.

He talks of how real estate has become increasingly organised over the past decade. “Earlier, when someone bought an apartment he had no protection. But now the Government's coming up with a regulation which will control all real estate activities. It makes builders accountable and ensures projects are handed over when promised.”

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