Interesting choice

THE ONCE popular Sam's Kitchen on TTK Road, Alwarpet, has now reopened as The Big Apple (ph: 4991067/ 7109600). At the NRI enterprise, the d�cor remains unchanged. Just as the qualifier goes `multi-ethnic eat out', the menu has Continental, Indian and Chinese cuisines.

Since all three genres were touted as good, we decided to go for the first one. The drinks, Red Cedar Maze (Rs.55) and Tower of Power (Rs.45) are good. The former is a delightful concoction of lychees and cherries and the latter, a mix of mango, orange and strawberry. Both are the kind that you will want to drink to the last drop.

Cheese mushrooms (Rs.70) and fish fingers (Rs.110) as starters are smart choices. The cheese-packed mushrooms are scrumptious. The fish too is good. As for the price tag, it is difficult to justify Rs. 110 for seven thin narrow pieces of fish.

Interesting choice

Though the Big Apple sandwich (Rs.100) is listed under the munchies, it is more like a main course. It is an open sandwich topped with a yummy lamb mince. Better still, it comes with coleslaw and French fries.

The Little Italy pasta (Rs.130), a vegetable lasagna, is tasty. But it was more like a cheese au gratin as the pasta is barely there. The southern fried chicken (Rs.160) was merely a crumb fry. This too comes with boiled vegetables and French fries.

The selection of sweets is limited to ice creams and a few Indian desserts. Mom's apple pie a la mode (Rs.80) and Black magic sundae (Rs.80) were interesting. The apple pie, one of the most commonly available Western desserts, is often bereft of apples. The Big Apple one is more of a raisin pie, though not too bad. The sundae is a tasty number that appeals to the eye too. It is strictly for chocolate lovers.