Instant bowlfuls of freshness

I peer into the proffered cardboard box curiously. A series of ziplocked packets greet me: shallots, cheese, mushrooms — button and shitake — salt and pepper, and extra virgin oil. A printed recipe lies alongside the ingredients, instructing one how to put together a bowl of mushroom soup using these ingredients, and also offering nutrition details.

Awesome Chef’s latest range of products, titled NutriBowl, doesn’t veer too far away from their pre-existing model: ready-to-cook DIY meal kits with freshly sourced ingredients and an instruction manual. This time, there is a stronger focus on health and macronutrients.

“I spoke to nutritionists and did a lot of research before developing these meal kits,” says co-founder Anjali Anand, stating that they are low carb, medium protein and high fat, “because it works. I have tried it myself,” she says.

The repertoire sounds delicious — Thai curry or butter paneer with cauliflower rice; cream-based vegetable soups and meat or tofu based dishes — carefully portioned to ensure that your macros are on track. “A lot of people said that they want to eat healthy but don’t have the time,” says Anand, pointing out that this DIY box takes the hassle away from portion control and shopping; especially if you are a single person trying to stay healthy. “We are giving health and convenience to people this way,” she smiles.

Home cooking with a difference

Awesome Chef was started by Anand, who was earlier in the corporate sector, and her husband Praveen Kumar in 2016. “We love experimenting with food and would visit a lot of restaurants,” remembers Anand.

Then their son was born, and it all stopped. “Even grocery shopping became a hassle,” laughs Kumar, who also runs popular food blog This meant rediscovering the benefits and convenience of home cooked food. Too many people say they don’t have the time to cook but, “in the time spent getting ready, commuting and waiting at a restaurant, you can easily plan a full meal,” believes Kumar.

And that is why Awesome Chef works so well. Since you get perfectly proportioned ingredients and an easy-to-follow recipe, “it helps people who don’t usually cook, do so easily,” says Anand.

The DIY kit is home delivered, free of charge and you can order a single kit or take a subscription, depending on your lifestyle and preference.

“It is a great way to do a romantic, candle-lit night at home instead of going to a restaurant,” grins Kumar.

More importantly, however, it is a great way to learn a life skill, says Kumar, who learnt cooking the hard way. “I had to survive on ready-made upma for sixmonths in England, when I was studying there. I don’t want to my son to say that his parents didn’t teach him how to cook.”

To know more about Awesome Chef, visit its website at or call 9840279969

Health in the city

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  • The DIY kit is home delivered, free of charge and you can order a single kit or take a subscription, depending on your lifestyle and preference

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