Inspired by Bollywood

For Hindi serials, the greatest inspiration seems to be Bollywood. For instance, "Milee" on STAR Plus (Monday to Thursday, 9 p.m.) is about a orphan girl living in a convent in Shimla.Milee, played by Mona Vasu, is so adorable that everybody who gets to know her grows fond of her (similar to the character that Jaya Bachchan had played in "Guddi" or Rekha in "Khoobsurat"). Milee seems to have replaced Jassi among family and teenage viewers. In the latest episode, she has taken a new avatar as a football player. She is forced to play a football match to save the honour of her convent and orphanage. This match seems to be inspired by the cricket match in "Lagaan" where the underdog leads the team to victory. Similarly, Milee takes on the rival Bengal Tigers and wins the match. Similarly in regional channels in a popular Tamil serial a character says punch lines lifted straight from a recent Vijay film! SREEDHAR PILLAI

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