`Inquiring' art!

MAY I ASK? One of Bhaskar Goswami's `questioning' canvases at Gallerie Nvya

MAY I ASK? One of Bhaskar Goswami's `questioning' canvases at Gallerie Nvya  

Surrealist Bhaskar Goswami raises some pertinent queries through his works

A good piece of art, knowledgeable people say, is one that raises queries and issues. Some time back we saw the works of Koya, the Delhi-based veteran artist who hits out at the bureaucracy, the Super Power called America, the commodification of women and so on. His works, being extremely intense and disturbing, do not attract many buyers, since people find them unsuitable for their home walls. Now, in the same league, we see the 27-year-old Bhaskar Goswami, a product of Santiniketan, whose first solo show at Gallerie Nvya, New Friends Colony, is on till this Tuesday.

Clutter and chaos

Bhaskar's works are replete with images like the tiger, crocodile, zebra, or male figures done in dark and bright hues - reds, greens, yellows, blues and so on. His bright hues represent "urban culture, a hybrid young culture," says the artist. His evocative images reflect his mental chaos, his anger over the growing consumerism, an inclination for women's skin, action-packed life in metropolitan cities, and still a will towards the spiritual. Generously making use of symbols, he explains that many eyes on one face speak of "the practical eye, the evoking eye and the spiritual eye." His men undergo "a psychological journey", his situations scream of "social and political disturbances" that reduce people to mere machines, for whom even physical pleasure is meant to do away with mental disturbances, temporarily. Hence his figures seem to meditate, far away on the hills. But it still remains a place where his backlog doesn't leave him. He tries though, endlessly! "I don't paint to please the world. I paint to raise issues, good or bad. Can we close our eyes to the what is happening around us?" questions this surrealist who has several scholarships and awards to his credit from 1997 to 2003. Though he has held a few shows in and out of Kolkata and once in a group show in the U.S, he is not yet among the well-known artists. But his works promise a great future. The show in on view till this coming Tuesday.RANA SIDDIQUI

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